Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Found on the eastern side of Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is America’s premier art museum. With a collection of over 2,000,000 works of art ranging from Ancient Roman to modern photography to a notable collection of musical instruments throughout history, the Met offers a little something to everyone. Annually, the Met is ranked #1 in terms of visitors in America and in the top three in the world. So how are they connecting with people?

Yes, the Met has the staples: Facebook (1.2 million likes), Twitter (798k followers), and Instagram (220,000 followers). The Met has been honored as one of the most influential museums on Twitter and won a Webby for their Instagram. But their reach goes beyond these three. The Met has an active Pinterest page that easily categorizes pictures for exploring collections. For the 2014 World Cup, they created a board to visually display a country’s culture from within their collections.

 Met Pinterest Board

While their platforms benefit in displaying their visual media, the Met’s goal ultimately is for people to care about art, museums, and cultures. Recently, they have announced a smart phone game app. One game aimed at kids asks “What Greek hero are you?”, trying to capture the interest of Greek mythology from popular movies like Percy Jackson. Their YouTube page contains an array of videos for all ages. Some videos are long, deep analysis of one work of art by a curator, while some videos are aimed at children and inspiring an art minded generation. 



The most progressive and innovative way of connecting with people is the Met’s new use of Google Glass. When Google asked the world what they would do #ifihadglass, Neal Stimler had an answer:


Neal works with the Met to create video content. Imagine watching a personal, first person view tour of the Met, full of commentary and a realistic view of the size and grandeur of their collection. While the #metthroughglass project is still works to find its maximum potential, this is a clear example of how the Met is innovative in inspiring people.

The Met has only two employees working their social media content, Taylor Newby and Lucy Redoglia. This duo has truelyy brought an old, established museum into the 21st century.


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